Spartz Campaign for Congress Releases Final Two Commercials

Noblesville, IN (October 28, 2020) –  Today, Victoria Spartz for Congress released two new television commercials “Mom” and “Ashamed” telling more of Victoria Spartz’s story and setting the record straight on Christina Hale’s vicious, dishonest negative ads:

“Christina Hale and Nancy Pelosi are spending millions of dollars to spread lies and smears about Victoria Spartz and her family to distract from Hale’s record of helping herself and hurting Hoosiers,” said Spartz Campaign Manager Catherine Seat. “Unlike clueless, phony Christina Hale, Victoria Spartz has a record of protecting affordable health care for Hoosiers and putting the best interests of Indiana families before her own.”   
“Ashamed” features Victoria Spartz’s father-in-law Charles Spartz telling his story of battling cancer while Christina Hale slanders his family with nasty lies to distract from Hale’s record of Chicago-style pay-to-play corruption. 
“Mom” features Victoria Spartz’s daughters telling Victoria’s story of coming to America, struggling, finding success and stepping up to give back and make our community and nation better. 

Mom – :30TV
Ingrid: Our mom is Victoria Spartz.  
Lilianna:  I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy lies about her on tv.
Ingrid:  Let us tell you the truth.  
Lilianna:  Mom has been through so much.
Ingrid: She came to America with everything in one suitcase.
Lilianna: … became a CPA, businesswoman and State Senator.
Lilianna:  She’s our role model…
Ingrid:  She wants us, and every kid, to get a good education for a bright future.
Lilianna: And she loves our country. 
Ingrid: We’re so proud of her!
Lilianna: And she’ll make us all proud in Congress.  
Victoria Spartz: I’m Victoria Spartz and I approve this message because it’s the best endorsement a mom could ask for. 

Ashamed – :30TV
Christina Hale is dragging Victoria Spartz, and my family, through the mud. 
I served in the military…
…and farmed my whole life.
Now I’m fighting stage four cancer. 
I need to set the record straight…while I can.  
Victoria Spartz is a good person.  
Victoria will protect Medicare…and healthcare for people like me.
Christina Hale will say anything to get elected.  
She should be ashamed.
I’m Victoria Spartz and I approved this message.