Comprehensive bill to start addressing unsustainable health care costs passes Senate

Feb. 10, 2020 — State Sen. Victoria Spartz (R-Noblesville) authored Senate Bill 337 to improve transparency and evidence-based approaches to address health care costs, enhance competition and shift more power back to consumer from the government and large monopolies.

“Health care spending is an important issue for the state of Indiana,” Spartz said. “Based on the recent Employer’s Forum study, we have the highest price of health care when compared to the other 26 states in the study – twice higher than Michigan. Also, based on the recent study by Ball State economist, Dr. Michael Hicks, we also have a hospital monopoly problem. Health care cost is an economic development issue and middle-class wealth issue for all Hoosiers.”

SB 337 is dealing with a variety of topics, including insurance affordability, price transparency, burdensome licensing requirements, unreasonable non-compete clauses, drug market transparency, antitrust enforcement, and Medicaid spending among others.

Spartz is committed to improving spending, access, price and value in health care through more transparency, competition and consumer choice. As she stated in a recent op-ed, “We are all losers in this socialized system, but the sick and poor lose the most. Let’s not forget: government is always the biggest problem.”